Business Intelligence Solutions

Our team of certified specialists provide clients with a broad range of solutions on Qlik BI platforms including Qlik development services for applications, extensions, addons, mashups as well as ensuring Qlik platforms are optimized to run as efficient as possible.

Qlik Development Services

Our Qlik developers provide full service analytic development, from application design to launching into commercial operation. Our entire develppment team hold certifications governed by world class standards which guide our development of the highest quality applications. We hold our all aspects of our development to the highest standards from boot scripts to models and interfaces through testing and documentation. We process all of our solutions through rigorous QA testing by our quality service team. Our team develops solutions on multiple platforms including Qlik Sense Enterprise (SaaS and Client-Managed), Qlik Analytics Platform (QAP), QlikView, NPrinting and Mail & Deploy reporting.

Qlik Dev Services
Qlik Deployment Support

Qlik Deployment and Support

We provide stable and quick operations of our solutions by focusing on expert platform deployment and technical configuration especially in multi-server environments. Our team specializes in deployment and configuration of Qlik Sense Enterprise (SaaS and Client Managed), Qlik Analytics Platform (QAP), Qlik Data Integration (QDI), Qlik View, Qlik Forts for Qlik Sense Enterprise, Qlik NPrinting and Mail & Deploy. Our team also provides support for your existing implemented Qlik platforms including version updates, services desk and hotline Expert support.

Qlik Enhancements

We specialize in providing a variety of enhancements to Qlik platform solutions through custom developed enhancements. As a member of the Qlik Trusted Extension Developer Program, our team develops extensions that expand standard platform capabilities. Our extensions include SimpleKPI which is now included in the Qlik platform called MultiKPI. We also deliver extensions and products that improve core capabilities such as PowerKPI, Simple List, Simple Popup, SenseBot and rapid Mashup development tools.

Qlik Enhancements
Qlik Platform Optimization

Qlik Platform Optimization

A key to ensuring client success is optimizing platforms to run efficiently and error free. Our team provides Audit services for Qlik clients to ensure platforms run at their peak performance. Through our Audit services, we provide our clients with recommendations to optimize hardware settings, software versions, load scripts, associative models, interfaces, diagrams and expressions.



Our developers and have completed over 1,500 projects for more than 450 clients and have been implementing Qlik solutions for over 10 years.

Fairfax Certifications

We maintain Qlik certifications for all of our developers including Qlik Sense, Qlik View and QDI.

Client Focused Approach

Our mission is to ensure client success and flexibility is key to that mission. We implement projects based on fixed price, time and materials or a combination depending upon client prefence.

Fairfax Lifetime Warranty

Our solutions are evaluated through an internal QA process prior to deploying live for clients. To ensure long term satisfaction, we provide a lifetime guaranty on any errors for all of our solutions.

Fairfax Support

We provide techincal support for our solutions based on customer requirements. Our support is tailored to fit each client’s need.

Fairfax R&D

We are constantly exploring new advances in analytic capabilities as the world of data continues to grow exponentially. We maintain our own R&D team to develop and certify solutions that significantly reduce time and expense for our clients.


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