John Fitts


John Fitts is the founder and CEO of Fairfax Intel.  Fairfax was born out of Johns experience working between IT departments and business functions to drive business through analytic approaches. Starting in the early days as a Business Analyst using Quattro Pro, John developed tools of increasing sophistication as technologies progressed. Johns experience in executive roles for large market companies has provided a unique view of data as a business asset rather than solely a technology consideration (although he knows enough to be dangerous in the technical realm too).  Today, Fairfax Intel serves SMB to Fortune 100 clients across the country to make smarter decisions through advanced analytics. Fairfax Intel combines best in class technologies such as cloud services, artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive analytics, and business intelligence tools to drive success for clients.

John is an avid college football fan, enjoys experimenting with technology in his basement lab (no joke), and golfer of much enthusiasm yet lesser skill. John lives in Charlotte with his wife, two daughters and golden retriever, none of whom like technology, college football or golf.

John received his BA in Communications from Georgia State University.